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Welcome to the world of the digitally planned dental care

Our clinic specializes in digital dentistry. Already at the first visit, our patients enjoy the opportunity to see how they would look after correcting the position of their teeth, thanks to the Smile View application. It only takes a minute for the software to create a smile simulation from a selfie, which the patient can take while waiting for their appointment.

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What is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero Element® 5D Scanner has transformed the orthodontic industry. It replaces the need to take messy moulds by taking an accurate 3D scan of your teeth and mouth. This is done by our team using a small handheld device that uses high resolution cameras.
By using this scanner, it makes it much easier to identify your orthodontic needs and plan your tailored treatment plan accordingly. Even better, it allows us to simulate your treatment outcome so you can visualize exactly what your smile could look like after orthodontic treatment – even before you start!

Want to see your future smile, today? Well now you can. At Voeva Dental, we are proud to use the iTero Element® 5D Scanner, which enables us to showcase what your smile will look like after orthodontic treatment with its state-of-the-art outcome visualization technology.

What are the benefits of the iTero Element® 5D Scanner?


  • Caries detection : The unique 5D NiRi technology, allows us to find caries lesions in a very early stage, invisible even using X-ray, thus preventing possible complications. Not using any radiation, the technology is harmless even for kids and pregnant women.
  • Accurate treatment results: The precise scans taken mean your treatment is more accurate, especially when treatment is using Invisalign®, as each aligner can be custom-fit for each stage of your treatment journey.
    See your new smile before you start:The iTero Scanner shows you exactly what your teeth will look like after treatment, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether you’d like to go ahead with your proposed treatment plan.
  • Real-time treatment progression updates: Using the iTero’s TimeLapse technology, we can show you how your teeth have changed over the course of your treatment so far.

Dr. Elena Voeva


Dr. Elena Voeva is a member of European Aligner Society, Master Aligner Academy and Bulgarian Orthodontic Society.
in the International contest “Smile of the Year “ 2023 in category  “ Aligner treatment for children and teenagers “.

She is a Certified Invisalign Diamond Provider and has a master degree from the Master Aligner Academy in Portugal.

Dr. Voeva has a master degree as a Certified Incognito Lingual braces Provider and is a Certified Digital Smile Designer.

Active member of the European Aligner society and Master Aligner Academy – Portugal

2002 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Practical and Clinical Orthodontics.

2003 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Practical Orthodontics Course.

2003 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Advanced Adult Orthodontic Course.

2004 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Adult Orthodontics.

2005 – Sofia, Bulgaria – MBT Orthodontic Treatment Philosophy and Twin block Class II correction.

2005 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Open bite Class III.

2006 – Prague – MBT Summit Orthodontic management of Class II malocclusion.

2006 – Sofia, Bulgaria – MBT Orthodontics Treatment Philosophy.

2007 – Budapest – MBT Summit, treatment planning and treatment mechanics.

2008 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Pre-Conference Surgical course.

2008 – Sofia, Bulgaria – MBT Orthodontics Treatment Philosophy.2008 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign.

2011 – Sofia, Bulgaria – MBT Orthodontic Treatment Philosophy.

2012 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign Introductory Course.

2013 – Dubrovnik, Croatia – Incognito Appliance System – Certification Course.

2013 – Bucharest – Incognito Advanced Course

2015 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Damon system – passive self – ligeting orthodontics.

2015 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Special Aspect of the Treatment of Adult Patients.

2016 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Passive Self – ligating Square Slot L.S.W. System.

2017 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Occlusion, Esthetics and the Digital Revolution.

2018 – Sofia, Bulgaria – The Invisalign Essentials Training Course.

2018 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Практически и теоретичен ендодонтски курс.

2018 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign Study club.

2018 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign Study club.

2018 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign E-Conference: Treating teenagers with the Invisalign System.

2018 – Warsaw, Poland – Early orthodontic treatment with aligners – Dr. Simonetta Meuli.

2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria – The Future of Teen Orthodontics Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement.

2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign Master Class Continued Education

2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign First System.

2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Techniques for Intraoral Scanning.

2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Ortho CAD: visualize your virtual models.

2020 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Invisalign Scientific Symposium – Digital edition

2020 – Sofia, Bulgaria – DSD App Smile Designer.

2020 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Continuing Professional Development.

2021 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Orthodontics Lingual Course.

2021 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Full Rehabilitation in prosthetic dentistry.

2018 – 2021 – continuous Invisalign certification program.