The future of aesthetic dentistry is here.

In case you don’t like the shape of your teeth or you have unaesthetic restorations, The porcelain veneers are an elegant way of correcting your smile.
The artificial intelligence behind dsd, allows us to plan a new natural and harmonic smile for you.

When the teeth are irregularly shaped, have broken edges or unaesthetic restorations, we make a 3D scan and with Digital Smile Design we plan a harmonic shape and size of the teeth, so our patients can see what their smile will look like in advance.

After the digital project has been approved, we make a temporary construction printed on a 3D printer. This allows the patients to see their changed lookeven before the treatment’s start.

Then with the assistance of CAD/CAM software, we prepare naturally looking ceramic veneers that fit the facial proportions, the individual characteristics and the patient’s wishes.