Be even more beautiful with a brilliant smile!

In March, all ladies can benefit from a 20% discount on the “BLEACHING” procedure!

Wish you had a few shades whiter smile?
We have the latest generation professional LED clinical whitening lamp, Flash, with specially built-in features for sensitive teeth. The desired shade of whitening is set in advance and guarantees a predictable and controlled result.
  • It is recommended to make an appointment for an examination in advance, in order to establish the condition of the enamel and gums, and to clean tartar if necessary.
  • Whitening 15 min. – BGN 184, instead of BGN 230
  • Whitening 30 min. – BGN 304, instead of BGN 380
  • Whitening 45 min. – BGN 488, instead of BGN 610

“Voeva Dental” Clinic continues to offer its future and current patients FREE ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATIONS

Why do you need an orthodontic consultation?

Do you have crooked teeth? Do you have space between your teeth or a narrow jaw that is set back or too far forward? Have you noticed that your teeth are chipped and have chipped edges? Do you have pockets? Are you grinding your teeth? Do you feel popping or pain when opening your mouth? Does your child sleep with their mouth open? Have you noticed that he has a harder time pronouncing certain sounds?
These seemingly unrelated conditions are usually indicative of orthodontic problems.

What to expect on your first visit:

During the consultation, we will perform a thorough examination to determine the condition of your teeth and your individual needs, as well as the need for orthodontic treatment. We will tell you in detail about the different types and methods of correcting orthodontic problems, we will introduce you in detail to the latest trends in the world of orthodontics, namely the precise digitally planned treatment with Invisalign aligners.

Benefits of timely orthodontic treatment:

Early orthodontic treatment in children is essential for normal growth of the jaws, as well as for the positive impact of speech defects, mouth breathing and teeth grinding.
In the teenage years, it is good to start treatment even before the eruption of all permanent teeth.
Adult patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to reduce the negative effects of bite problems such as tooth wear, the appearance of bone and periodontal pockets, and damage to the mandibular joints.
We are expecting you!