“Voeva Dental” Clinic opens doors for children

from the 15th of July till the 30th of September


What to expect on your first visit:

During the consultation, we will perform a thorough examination to determine the condition of your teeth and your individual needs, as well as the need for orthodontic treatment. We will tell you in detail about the different types and methods of correcting orthodontic problems, we will introduce you in detail to the latest trends in the world of orthodontics, namely the precise digitally planned treatment with Invisalign aligners.
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Benefits of timely orthodontic treatment:

Early orthodontic treatment in children is essential for normal growth of the jaws, as well as for the positive impact of speech defects, mouth breathing and teeth grinding.
In the teenage years, it is good to start treatment even before the eruption of all permanent teeth.
Adult patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to reduce the negative effects of bite problems such as tooth wear, the appearance of bone and periodontal pockets, and damage to the mandibular joints.
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