An interview with d-r Voeva for Dupissima Vision

Dr. Elena Voeva is a member of the European Aligner Society. She has obtained a master’s degree in Invisalign at the Master Aligner Academy in Portugal. She is a Certified Digital Smile Designer; Certified Incognito Lingual Braces Provider – master’s degree; Certified Invisalign Platinum Provider.

Dr. Voeva, what are the latest methods for achieving a beautiful smile?

Over years digital technologies have significantly changed modern dental medicine. Brace technology has given way to a more aesthetic and precise orthodontic treatment, called Invisalign’s digitally planned aligners – a leading technology based on your customized treatment plan. The Invisalign clear aligners are removable, imperceptibly move the teeth, do not interfere with normal daily life. With ceramic veneers or dental bonding, at Digital Smile Design, we plan the dream smile in advance. To complete the perfect look, we use the latest generation of professional LED whitening lamp Flash with specifically built-in functions for sensitive teeth.

What problems does orthodontic treatment solve?

Invisalign treatment is effective for bite problems, as well as for the need for aesthetic correction of the position of the teeth, regardless of age.

Why is preventive dental care the best care for healthy teeth?

Timely preventive dentistry treatment for children and teenagers is crucial for the normal growth of the jaws, providing space for permanent teeth, maintaining good hygiene, and is undeniable for their self-esteem. In elderly patients, resolving orthodontic problems is essential to prevent bone loss and tooth decay, abrasion, and damage to the mandibular joints.

„I met Dr. Voeva in 2005, after many unsuccessful attempts to find a really good dentist. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Voeva. So, I booked my first appointment. I needed orthodontic treatment and after the removal of 3 wisdom teeth and one tooth, I was able to achieve the desired results in just 6-7 months. Over the years, my brothers, my father, and my 10-year-old son wore braces thanks to the proficient dental care of Dr. Voeva. I believe that healthy teeth are something that we should take permanent care of.”

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